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Alliance for Urban Agriculture

Our site is currently under construction, please come back soon!

Our Mission

The aim of the MetroAg Alliance is to bring together a wide and culturally diverse range of stakeholders involved in urban agriculture (in and around cities) in North America to share knowledge and best practices, foster linkages externally, and give voice to its advocates and recognition and legitimacy to its activities.

Our principal goals

Our current activities

We are a new organization with ambitious plans for the future. Initially, information creation and sharing over the Internet will be a key MetroAg activity. An interactive digital clearinghouse will be the main focus of our work. Efforts over the next year will ensure that the site is useful to urban agriculture practitioners and advocates. The structure and organization of the MetroAg Alliance in the United States and Canada is now being created concurrently with the digital clearinghouse.

Objectives for the next five years